Add Hibernate javadoc to eclipse

Javadoc is a convenient way to learn and get help from documents which are provided by the programmer. These javadoc can be added to Eclipse IDE to view appropriate javadoc for a particular class or method or interface etc. These javadocs views on eclipse when auto complete (or content assist) appear. You can view the content assist by pressing 'Ctrl+Space'.

You can see the javadoc window on right hand side of this figure.

By default the javadoc for hibernate distribution does not exists. To add the javadoc to eclipse follow these steps.

Step 1
Download javadoc jar file from following link
Any how you should download the file.

Open eclipse and add above jar file to hibernate3.jar as a javadoc for it. To do that follow the steps explained below.

Step 3
Right click on 'hibernate3.jar' by expanding user library which contain all your hibernate reference jar files. And select 'Properties'.

Step 4
Select 'Javadoc Location' from side pane and click on 'Javadoc in archive' to select it.

Step 5
Browse for downloaded jar file and add that jar file location as javadoc location for 'hibernate3.jar'.

Step 6
Click 'Apply' and 'OK' to save the changes.

Now it is done you can view javadoc from eclipse.