How to create bootable USB pen drive

Bootable pen drive is a nice way to install operating systems to your machine. Only you need to do is just create bootable pen drive as describe here and change boot drive order to boot from USB, then you are ready to install any operating system from USB!

Here, I am going to describe How to create bootable USB pen drive to instal Ubuntu 13.04 64bit using one of nice software in Windows. This software supports large number of Linux operating system distributions and non-Linux operating systems such as Windows 7.

Note that you will need to have Operating System as an iso image file to make this happen.

Step 1
Download Universal USB Installer which enable you to create bootable pen drive.

Step 2
Plug your USB pen drive to your machine and start the downloaded exe file.

Step 3
Follow every steps as described,
  • Select operating system to be installed (Here, Ubuntu 13.04 64bit).
  • Select Pen Drive to extract selected operating system.

Step 4

You will get a window like this before you continue when you press on Create button on step3. Notice that I have selected the option Format to format my pen drive, you can uncheck this option anyway.

Press yes to continue.

Step 5
You will see several processes running from the software to perform the task. You will need to wait few minutes to complete these processes.

Step 6
Finally, you should see the success! then you can complete creating bootable pen drive and you can instal your operating system using pen drive.

Happy installing !

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