Set custom pictures for slide show in ubuntu desktop wallpapers

Is that possible to change your desktop wallpaper automatically after some specific time period in Ubuntu environment?
Yes, it is.
To do that you should create xml file that contain all the information about,
  • picture files which you going to add for slide show,
  • time duration for each wallpaper can appear,
  • time for transition from one wallpaper to another.
This xml file should be written manually when you want to create custom slide show using your own picture files and your own configurations(such as durations).

Don't worry it is not a difficult thing since I have a script file to create that xml file easily.

Follow these steps to create your own fully customized slide show for Ubuntu desktop wallpaper.

Step 1 - Download my 'Script file' which can generate the xml file automatically.

Step 2 - Copy downloaded script file to folder which contain picture files(jpg or png or bmp format).

Step 3 - Make sure your picture files those you want to add to your slide show and script file is located in the same folder.

Step 4 - Double click on the script file and run it in terminal.
you can use following commands to run script file in terminal
  1. Open terminal (By pressing Alt+Ctrl+T or selecting 'Terminal' from application)
  2. Direct your working directory to folder which contain downloaded script file and picture files.(By using cd command ex:- cd '/home/milinda/Desktop/My show')
  3. Run the script file by using ./Script command.(if any permission problem occur use chmod 700 Script command to set permission of the file before calling ./Script command)
Step 5 - Enter relevant durations when request by the terminal.(firstly time duration for each wallpaper can appear, and secondly time for transition from one wallpaper to another.)

Now you can see xml file which created by the script on the relevant directory. Named background-1.xml.

Step 6 - Right click on the desktop select Change Desktop Background from the pop up menu.

Step 7 - Navigate to Background tab and click on Add.. button.

Step 8 - Open the generated xml file(background-1.xml file).

Now you can see your slide show appear in the preview area. you can set this slide show as your current desktop slide show by clicking on it.

Finally you have your own fully customized slide show for Ubuntu desktop.

Note -
  • Script file involve only for generate the xml file it self. It does not affect to your system.
  • When you want to add picture files or change your picture files which run on slide show, you should respectively copy or delete and just rerun the script file.
Bugs -
  • In order to create xml file, any picture file's name should not include spaces. Therefore make sure any of your picture files does not include space(s).[Bug fixed in 1.1 version you can now download newest version]
  • This script can only handle maximum of 255 picture files. Therefore do not copy more then 255 number of picture files into the folder.


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