How to install Adobe Flash Player plug-in for Firefox on Ubuntu

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Adobe flash player is also a plug-in for for Mozilla Firefox to view flash videos (ex: youtube videos) and play flash on-line games, etc. Therefore flash player became essential plug-in for most of the web browsers until HTML 5 take place (because HTML 5 has new capabilities those can challenge to flash player such as video playing).

This article describe how to install Adobe Flash Player plug-in for Firefox on Ubuntu

You might be think, is this a very harder thing?

Yes, some times.

Because, Ubuntu software center and Synaptic package manager can use to install flash player plug-in for some Ubuntu versions and it will simply works. But some Ubuntu distribution such as Ubuntu 16.04 needs to follow following few steps to make it work correctly.

Step 1- Download latest Adobe Flash Player Plug-in form here.(Select download option as 'tar.gz for other Linux')

Step 2- Extract downloaded file into any directory. (extracted file should be .so format)

Step 3- Open terminal (Application --> Accessories --> Terminal or Ctrl+Alt+T)

Step 4- Type following command

sudo -i

Now it will prompt you the Password. Now enter the password and press enter  

Step 5- Goto directory that contain extracted .so file using cd command (Ex: cd Downlods)

Step 6- Copy that .so file into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory. To copy that file use following command.

cp [fileName].so /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins

(Ex: cp /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins)

Step 7- Restart the system to make changes appear to Firefox.

It is better to close all the Firefox related windows before copy the .so file. Remember you should restart the system to make plug-in work correctly (Not only restart Firefox)

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See how to do this from videos!


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